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Bhargava Shastry

TU Berlin
Telekom Innovation Laboratories
FG Security in Telecommunications  
Sekr. TEL 16
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin

Office: Room TEL 16
Phone: +49 30 8353 58235


Research interests:

  • Use of program analysis techniques in finding security vulnerabilities
  • Smartphone security

Research summary:

I like to develop tools that enable early detection, and fixing of security vulnerabilities. In the past, I have prototyped an existing Access Control System in a resource constrained mobile OS (Android) [3, 4] to show that it can harden the system against root exploits that bypass Android's permission checks in the middleware layer. Subsequently, on Firefox OS, I have analysed flaws in the implementation of SSL certificate overrides that are artifacts of retrofitting HTML5 ``apps'' on legacy browser back-ends [2]. Currently, I am developing static and dynamic analysis tools to help find and fix vulnerabilities in systems code [1].



1. Towards Vulnerability Discovery using Staged Program Analysis, Bhargava Shastry, Fabian Yamaguchi, Konrad Rieck, Jean-Pierre Seifert, accepted for the 13th Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment (DIMVA), 2016.

2. A First Look at Firefox OS Security, Daniel Defreez, Bhargava Shastry, Hao Chen and Jean-Pierre Seifert, accepted for the Mobile Security Technologies workshop 2014. Paper

3. Towards Taming Privilege-Escalation Attacks on Android, Sven Bugiel, Lucas Davi,  Alexandra Dmitrienko,  Thomas Fischer,  Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi,  Bhargava Shastry. In 19th Annual Network & Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS'12), 2012. Paper

4. Practical and Lightweight Domain Isolation on Android, Sven Bugiel,  Lucas Davi,  Alexandra Dmitrienko,  Stephan Heuser,  Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi,  Bhargava Shastry. In 1st ACM CCS Workshop on Security and Privacy in Mobile Devices (SPSM'11), ACM. 2011. Abstract



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