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Security Lab


*2019-04-03: Registration is now closed. Further mails will be ignored.

*2019-03-18: Security Lab registration opens soon. See news for details.

*2019-03-18: Updated for SS2019


*2018-10-09: Security Lab lectures from 18th October 2018 to 14th February 2019

*2018-10-09: Updated for WS2018/19

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Dear all,

the registration for the Embedded Systems Security  (SecLab) will open on the 22.3.2019 at 10:00 CET.

Registration is per Email only: seclab@sect.tu-berlin.de [1]


Any Email regarding registration arriving before the 22.3.2019 at 10:00 will be discarded without any answer.


NOTE: The number of seats in this course is limited to 24 students. We're doing First-Come-First-Serve, registration by email [2], reception timestamp of mail counts. If you want to join the course, mail now! (And additionally enroll on ISIS and register through QISPOS, if the latter applies to you.)

Course Overview

6 ECTS / 4 SWS
Teaching Period
Summer and Winter semesters
Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert [3], Robert Buhren
Course ID
0434 L 972
TEL Audi 3 (20th floor)
Thursday, 10 - 12 hrs (weekly)
The security lab offers students the opportunity to learn how to analyze the system security of Linux-based systems, with a focus on embedded systems. It covers topics from hardware security and debug facilities and then moves on to software security issues in applications and finally the kernel.
Students will have to solve multiple challenges, where a system has to be analyzed and then compromised. Basic Linux and C programming knowledge is required.
The lab is organized as a practical course (PR) and students will be working individually with an ARM development board (Raspberry Pi II).

* Serial interface
* ARM introduction
* JTAG hardware debugging interface
* OpenOCD, BusPirate
* Software debugging with GDB
* Linux security tools
* Applied public key cryptography, certificates and signatures
* (Advanced) shellcode
* Format string vulnerabilities
* NX/XD/XN, ASLR, stack canaries
* ELF binary format
* Heap
* Integer overflows
* Kernel security
Linux and C programming knowledge is required
Target Audience
Students interested in hardware and software security with a focus on embedded systems and Linux
Course Language
Contact Information
Robert Buhren

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Postal Address

Technische Universität Berlin - An-Institut Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Fakultät IV
Sekr. TEL16
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin


Claudia Petzsch
+49 - 30 - 8353 58 681
Raum TEL16
E-Mail-Anfrage [6]


  • Security in Telecommunications [7]
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