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Smartphone Honeypots

Mobile and smartphone security is a fast moving field. New vulnerabilities and resulting attacks need to be detected and analyzed as fast as possible. Unfortunately the attacker side is always a step ahead. In order to keep up with new attack trends, we believe that it makes sense to adopt the honeypot scheme for smart phones.


  • Poster: HoneyDroid - Creating a Smartphone Honeypot
    Collin Mulliner, Steffen Liebergeld, and Matthias Lange
    IEEE Security and Privacy 2011, Oakland, California, USA, 23-25 May 2011
  • Smartphone Honeypots
    Collin Mulliner

    In Proceedings of the Sixth GI SIG SIDAR Graduate Workshop on Reactive Security (SPRING) Technical Report SR-2011-01, GI FG SIDAR
    Bochum, Germany 21-22 March 2011


  • Nico Golde
  • Matthias Lange
  • Steffen Liebergeld
  • Collin Mulliner



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