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The project NEMESYS - Enhanced Network Security for Seamless Service Provisioning in the Smart Mobile Ecosystem is a EU FP7-ICT funded project, under the grant agreement no: 317888.

The main goal of NEMESYS is the research and development of novel security technologies for seamless service provisioning in the smart mobile ecosystem. Mobile and smartphone security is a fast moving field. To this end, NEMESYS gathers and analyses information about the nature of cyber attacks targeting smart mobile devices, so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken to combat them. In particular, NEMESYS:

  • Gathers and analyses information about the nature of vulnerabilities found on smart mobile devices which are due to the heterogeneity of wireless interfaces, supported platforms and offered services
  • Adopt the honeypot scheme for a number of smart phones and devices
  • Develops an infrastructure to collect, detect and provide early warning of attacks on mobile devices
  • Investigates the modus operandi of cyber-criminals that target mobile devices and, by correlating the extracted information with known patterns of attacks extracted from wireline networks, to reveal the possible shift in the way that cyber-criminals launch attacks against smart mobile devices.

Website: www.nemesys-project.eu



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