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Research Focus


Functioning information and communication systems are of core significance for business and society.

The constant development of secure and reliable communication technologies is therefore at the heart of research in the field of security in telecommunications.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Seifert, scientists are working in the areas of access control, encryption, security of online transactions, management of privacy, anonymity and identity, as well as system security are searching for solutions for designing secure communications and network infrastructure.

Theories and methods for secure systems
The Telekom Innovation Laboratories primarily encourage basic research. "The challenge," said Professor Seifert, "lies in working out what security is actually possible in theory and in practice under the conditions of constant new attack scenarios that could arise." Based on this research, Seifert wants to drive forward the development of theories and methods that will enable the design of secure and reliable information and communication systems.

Research Areas

Mobile and Smart Phone Security

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Data / Voice Encryption
  • Mobile Network Issues
  • Privacy
  • OS Enhancements

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Security of Embedded Systems and Consumer Electronics



  • Embedded Device Management Components
  • TVs, NAS boxes, …
  • Set-top boxes
  • Home routers

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Microkernel-based Secure and Reliable Systems



  • Automotive Security
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunication Systems

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