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The activities of the group are in-line with objectives of the ERC AMPLify Project such as developing models for allocations in practice, designing mechanisms for such applications and analyzing axiomatically and empirically these mechanisms. The projects starts on 01.06.2016 and ends on 31.05.2021.

In addition, the group participates at conferences and workshops every year and has already been recognized internationally and locally for its work on the ERC AMPLify Project (e.g. Computational Sustainability Outstanding Student Paper Award in Buenos Aires, Argentina and KI Best Paper Award in Dortmund, Germany).

The Algorithmic Decision Theory group is developing computational tools to support decision making. This involves multi-disciplinary research on the boundaries of the following areas.

  • Optimization
  • Preferences
  • Social Choice
  • Game Theory
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Machine Learning

Our research is driven by several factors that transform our lives: the web (which is creating many new and exciting business models), big data (which is transforming the way we can optimize many industries), and environmental and financial pressures (which are forcing us to look for more optimal solutions).




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